Dodge 5.9L New Turbocharger 1994-1995 | H1350110N

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  • H1350110N
  • H1350110N Dodge 5.9L Turbocharger
  • H1350110N Dodge 5.9L Turbocharger
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New Dodge Turbocharger 5.9L (H1350110N)

  • New OE Replacement Turbocharger by Rotomaster
  • Direct Fit, Ready to Install
  • Increase Compressor Flow
  • Increase Boost Response

Note: 12 Valve engine, Automatic & Manual transmissions


Dodge Ram 5.9L 1994-1995

OE cross-reference:

3802679, 38046964, 3533320, 3533321, 3535833,

3535834, 3539911, 3539912, 5010961AA 

Common Turbocharger Issues:
  • Lack of Lubrication - Inspect all Oil Feed Lines and Hoses, Improper lubrication will cause excessive heat which damages bearings and journals
  • Oil Contamination - Change the Oil!! Contamination causes bearing failure
  • Excessive Heat - Revving the engine immediately after start up, give lubrication enough time to circulate within the Turbo before increase RPMs
  • Improper Cool Down - Always give your turbo time to cool when running at high RPMs, Immediate shut down will burn the protective oil coating within the Turbocharger causing damage on next start up.
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Warranty Information

This product has a 13 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty

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