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Ford Powerstroke Injector Control Modules

Ford Power Stroke Injector Driver Module (IDM) or Injector Control Module (ICM)

The Ford Powerstoke Diesel uses a driver to supply the correct voltage to the fuel injectors.  The correct voltage to operate the solenoids on the injectors is very critical.  A low voltage situation can cause all kinds of drivability problems that can drive a trained mechanic crazy. 

The 7.3 Ford Powerstoke Diesel uses an injector drive module.  The applications before 1999 had a 110-volt driver (part number IDM110).  The 1999 and newer use a 120-volt drive module (part number IDM120).  The driver is accessed through the driver side fender.  The inner fender liner needs to be removed to access the driver.  Because of the location, corrosion is always a concern.  Always make sure the connections don't have any corrosion during installation.

The 6.0 Ford Powerstoke Diesel has an injector control module.  The voltage output is 48 volts.  You can check the voltage by removing the two bolts on the access cover. When the cover is removed, check the voltage using the screw under the cover as your positive.  The voltage should read very close to 48 volts, or it should be replaced.  The truck will actually run when voltage is as low as 30 volts.  The engine will not run properly but will run.  We recommend the FICM voltage be checked before any other repair takes place.  A low FICM voltage can cause in unnecessary replacement of expensive items like fuel injectors.

We offer a performance upgrade on the FICM. This FICM produces 58 volts. A 58-volt FICM increases injector performance.  With a 58-volt FICM, you will see better throttle response an even better fuel economy.

The FICM is located on the driver’s side valve cover under the coolant overflow tank.  When replacing a FICM always check that the wiring harness is in good condition.  The injector wiring harness has been known to wear. 

A good way to check the harness is to lightly pull on the wiring harness with engine running.  If the engine changes in any way it is a sign that the harness has some bad connections.  The only repair for this condition is replacement of the harness.

The FICM on a Ford Powerstroke Diesel is programmable.  This is known as logic module.  If you were to purchase a FICM from Ford, the truck would not crank until the module is programmed.  The FICM come programmed.  This means that the truck will run.  In most cases you will not have to do anything else for the replacement.  Because the module isn't paired to the ECM, a soft code will be set in the ECM.  This doesn’t set off the check engine light.  The soft code is only detected with a diagnostics computer.  I you want the soft code to disappear, you will need to have the ECM flashed.