How to Install a Dodge Cummins Fuel Injector

There are two phases of the fuel injector installation process:

  • Phase I lists the steps required for removal and inspection of fuel injector parts.
  • Phase II lists the steps for installing new fuel injector parts.

Phase I: Parts Removal

Step 1: From both batteries, disconnect the negative cables.

Step 2: Remove the intake air assembly

Step 3: If you are replacing the entire injection assembly you will need to remove the lifting bracket. This is secured by two bolts.

Step 4: Clean the area around the injector and the high-pressure fuel lines then remove injection lines without bending them. Cover all open connections.

Step 4: Remove the valve cover and remove the APPS Sensor but do not detach high throttle cable.

Step 5: Now remove the intake and the grid heaters by pulling out four bolts and the band clamp.

Step 6: Using special automotive tools, thread the tool on the end of the connector tube. If a tool is unavailable a flat blade screwdriver can be substituted.

Tip: Avoid a fuel leak! Do not scratch the area where the tube and lines meet the connector.

Step 8: Now remove the connector tube prior to removing the fuel injector to prevent any damage to either part. Remove the old O-ring and discard.

Step 9: Remove the fuel injector clamp bolt located at the front end of the clamp, but do not loosen or remove the 2-shouldered bolt at the rear end of the clamp. Slide the injector clamp from the rear clamp bolt.

Step 10: Using a special remove tool, thread it into the top of the fuel injector. Tighten the nut and pull the injector from the cylinder head. (A screwdriver can also be used). Remove old O-ring and discard.

Step 11: Remove copper shim from the bottom of the injector. Check to be sure the copper shim is not left in the cylinder head; it must be removed. Discard.

Step 12: Inspect each fuel injector and conduct a pressure test as needed. Check the nozzle thoroughly for damages or signs of overheating. If any of these conditions are present the injector must be replaced.

PHASE II: Installation

Step 1: Clean fuel injector cylinder head bore and then blow out the bore hole.

Step 2: Install a new copper washer to the bottom of the injector.

Step 3: Install new O-ring onto the fuel injector.

Step 4: Carefully reposition fuel injector and gently tighten clamps.

Step 5: Install new O-ring to connector tube and gently press tube into the cylinder head. (No tools are needed)

Step 6: Reconnect the fuel lines and torque according to specs. Be sure that connections are not too loose (avoid leaking) or too tight.

Step 7: Reinstall valve cover, manifold air assembly and lifting bracket as necessary and tighten bolts.

Step 8: Re-connect all battery cables.

Step 9: Bleed air from lines.

Step 10: Re-prime fuel lines.

Step 11: Start your engine.