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Ford Powerstroke EGR Coolers

Ford EGR Cooler 6.0

In the effort to improve diesel engine emissions engineers have designed a system for cooling the engine exhaust and directing about 30% of the total volume back into the intake – the ERG cooler. 

This is being done in an effort to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide gas coming out the tailpipe. This all started with the EPA tier one emissions standard. The first Ford Diesel EGR coolers were installed on the 2002 Ford Powerstroke Diesel with the 6.0-liter engine. This engine came with a tube-style round EGR cooler and an electronically controlled EGR valve. Ford continued with this system throughout the life of the 6.0 engine life. They made some changes in the engines produced after 9/2003. The EGR cooler design was changed slightly. The redesigned EGR cooler 6.0 used a turbulator square cooler. This cooler should have cooled the exhaust more efficiently. The Ford Powerstoke 6.4 engine was produced with two EGR coolers starting in 2008. These coolers are failing just like the 6.0. We have many customers that have experienced engine failure due to the engine hydro locking when coolant is introduced into the engines intake manifold.

The Ford EGR cooler designs have been a disaster for Ford Powerstroke Diesel owners. Many trucks have had the cooler replaced multiple times in the first 100,000 miles. 

The Ford Powerstroke EGR cooler 6.0 failure can be attributed to a few things: In addition to the design flaws, coolant going into the cooler goes through the engine oil cooler prior to entering the EGR cooler. The engine oil cooler passageways are very small and become restricted with engine casting sands. The casting sands from when the engine was made. The sand is released over time and gets trapped in the oil cooler, restricting coolant flow into the cooler. This condition causes the EGR cooler 6.0 to run low of coolant. This will cause steam and create extreme heat in the EGR system. 

The Bostech EGR Cooler is designed using much stronger end plates and stainless steel tubes. This design can withstand the many heat cycles from daily use, extreme conditions during hard pulling, or very hot desert conditions. This design minimizes cooler failure due to diesel particulate. 

A few things should be considered when servicing the Ford Powerstroke EGR cooler 6.0: 

The first thing to consider is how to clean the exhaust deposits in the intake system and EGR valve. The intake can be cleaned of deposits with many hours of pressure washing, or you can get a ready to install intake from Bostech. Bostech makes this easy at an economical price. The next would be the EGR valve. Then consider replacing the engine oil cooler. The oil cooler is located under the EGR cooler. The labor to install the oil cooler at this point is minimal.