You Know only what you know?!?

You Know only what you know?!?

Had a customer call in recently saying a set of injectors he purchased had been creating a lot of smoke since the time he installed them. This was his everyday ride and the extra smoke was beyond annoying as you can imagine, not to mention the drop in fuel mileage. After speaking with our Technical department we found out the customer installed the set of injectors in his late model Duramax without performing a critical step.

Injector Trim codes are unique codes assigned to each injector based on the flow pattern of that injector. These codes are programmed into the vehicle when the injectors are installed so the vehicle can correctly balance the injector's performance by adjusting the signal to each injector.

The customer made mention that he saw the tags with the trim codes, didn't know what they were for so he tossed them. At this point the customer is realizing how much of a mistake this has turned out to be. Getting the trim codes for the injectors is not an issue as each trim code is matched to the injector's serial number and can be looked up. Problem is to get the serial number for the injector, each injector would have to be removed AGAIN.

Customer decided to take his vehicle to the local dealership and stated that he likes to work on his vehicle himself but every so often it bites him in the ass!

You know only what you know!

1st Oct 2019 ForDiesel Tech

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