What's the deal on Cores??

What's the deal on Cores??

Most people have a pretty good understanding of what a core is, some may not. So those of you on the fence on the definition of cores here's a little explanation.

Certain types of auto parts can be recycled or as we like to call it Re-Manufactured. These parts have core prices that act as a deposit until the old unit is returned, at which point the deposit or core charge is credited back to the customer (there are exceptions for damages). Simply put the core is your old unit.

A great many of the remanufactured parts you purchase will have a core charge, even some new products will be listed with a core such as our Pure Power Turbochargers. This means they are wanting the old unit returned so they can remanufacture the part and resell.

Why is the core important? Remanufacturing of the old unit keeps those parts out of the landfills. Recycling what can be as many times as possible.

Now you know, because you only know what you know!

3rd Oct 2019 FD Diesel

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