How do I know my EGR Cooler is bad?

How do I know my EGR Cooler is bad?

Your EGR cooler is part of a series of parts used to lower the temperature of your exhaust gas. The EGR system recirculates exhaust gases back into the engine. This helps decrease cylinder temperatures and nitrogen oxide emissions. Diesel engines use EGR coolers to lower the temperature of exhaust gases before they can enter the engine. If the EGR cooler has an issue, it can cause problems with the functionality of the EGR system. You will start to notice performance issues, and even problems with passing emissions tests. Below you will find some warning signs for a failing EGR cooler.

  • 1. Engine Overheating: The first signs of a failing EGR cooler is the engine overheating. If the EGR cooler restricts any of the exhaust gases running through it, the EGR cooler can cause the engine to overheat. In many cases their is a buildup of carbon blocking the flow. When the engine overheats it can lead to a knocking or pinging sound from the engine.
  • 2. Exhaust Leak:Exhaust leaks are another sign of a failing EGR cooler. You could have a bad gasket, or some sort of dent or crack. This can cause an exhaust leak. If this is the case, you might hear a hissing or tapping sound.Its coming from the area of weakness.
  • 3. Check Engine Light: If you have insufficient flow or exhaust, it will set off the Check Engine Light. At that point I would hook up your diagnostic tool and check out the trouble codes.
28th Oct 2019 Joe Diesel

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