ForDiesels' First Blog

ForDiesels' First Blog

ForDiesels started in 2011 to fill a gap in the automotive diesel parts demand. We started with a little under 150 name brand products from Motorcraft and AC Delco with aftermarket parts from Bostech, and have grown as our customer's needs have grown to just over 1500 products listed today.

We have expanded our product brands to include some of the worlds leading Manufacturers and Distributors of Diesel automotive parts, including AC Delco, BBB Industries, Bosch, Bostech, Dana, Dayco, Motorcraft, Pure Power Technologies, Rotomaster, and more.

Our goal is to provide a top quality product at a good price for those hard working people who make their living busting their rear to provide a service for others so they can take care of their own.

So to start our first blog we would like to say Thank You for your business and your service!

30th Sep 2019 Ted Williams

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