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Ford 6.0L Ball Tube Kit


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If the seal of your injectors where they connect to the High Pressure Oil Manifold look like the
example pictures above and below than you more than likely have a failed, or failing O ring problem
in the High Pressure Oil Manifold itself. High pressure oil in excess of 3,000 psi blasts past the O ring
sealing the cup in the  High Pressure Oil Manifold and travels along the nipple of the cup into the
opening where the injector connects. This eats away at the seal from the top side until it eventually
fails. In the example below the seal on the left is New, the seal on the right has been subjected to this
condition. As you can see the bulk of the damage is coming from the right which in this case was the
top side as it was installed in the injector. This side should not be exposed to any exterior high pressure
oil at all. The only place this can come from is the High Pressure Oil Manifold O ring failure. In most cases
by the time the problem is diagnosed properly the cup/nipple is damaged beyond being able to be reused also. 



In the past this is only repairable by replacing the entire High Pressure Oil Manifold as a unit from
Ford OEM. We have a source to now be able to sell Brand New kits which consist of (1) Cup/Nipple
and O ring #ISK606 for $19.95 ea.
You can rebuild both of your High Pressure Oil Manifolds for what
it presently will cost you for one OEM replacement.
You will need a specialty removal tool #ISK607 
$59.95 ea. Any Technician or Powerstroke
enthusiast should have this tool in your toolbox. This is
a huge problem with 6.0 powerstroke engines, and has gone virtually unnoticed and misdiagnosed
for years. Do yourself a favor, If your replacing injectors anyway, REPLACE the High Pressure Oil
Manifold Cup/Nipples &
O rings at the same time.

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  1. Best website for ford 6.0 diesel parts

    Posted by Mac on 6th Oct 2017

    The experience I had in finding, ordering and receiving the cups was excellent. The quality of the cups appears good. Received as promised at a reasonable price. Thanks