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  • FORD 7.3L Fuel Tank Pickup and Screens Repair Kit Part# ISK870

Ford 7.3L Fuel Tank Pickup and Screens Repair Kit


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FORD 7.3L Fuel Tank Pickup and Screens Repair Kit

The 1999-2003 Ford E&F Series have a filter in the bottom of the fuel pickup in the tank. The filter can become plugged over time and cause drivability issues. The scan tool will often display a low oil pressure code P1211, P1212, P1284. These codes would lead most technicians to replace the ICP Sensor, ICP Sensor Connector, or the High Pressure Oil Pressure Pump. If these items are replaced the vehicle could run temporarily but the symptoms will reappear. The lack of fuel will cause the fuel injector to not allow the High Pressure Oil to build pressure. The Injector is allowing the high pressure oil to flow freely through the system via the return, and not allowing sufficient restriction due to lack of fuel pressure keeping pressure on the intensifier piston internally. Under these conditions the High Pressure System cannot supply enough pressure to overcome this situation in most cases. This usually will trigger low ICP Codes. Until the fuel restriction is repaired the system will not perform correctly or at all, depending on the severity of the restriction.

Kit Includes:

(2) Screens

(1) Fuel Sender Pickup Foot

Vehicle Application

One Year / Unlimited Miles/Hours

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  1. Worked...

    Posted by Michael Bennett on 16th Aug 2017

    Good price, quickly arrived here. Knew I needed the pickup, wasn't sure of condition of screens. Didn't actually need them, but wasn't going to chance it. My luck they'd be on backorder or something by the time I figured out I needed them... Only minor gripe was the ID of the screens was slightly larger than I'd like. Didn't fit quite as tightly as the ones it replaced. Wasn't a big enough of an issue that I won't use them, made it a little tougher to reassemble.